about us

About Us

It is a matter of pride for me,as a woman entrepreneur, that I have been able to succeed in my endeavor to make available to the market ,the humble jaggery with additional health benefits.

What started as something made for consumption only for family and friends , spread its wings to people associated with extended families and friends in other cities and then to other countries.
Inspired by it's popularity, a close family friend,Dr. Manoj encouraged me to take it a step further to begin a start_ up. Jaggery has been traditionally an integral part of every Indian household,especially during winter months as it builds Immunity. Keeping that in mind I wanted to popularize jaggery to those unaware of it's health benefits.
I am blessed that my family, my husband and children, encouraged me and stood by me in my long journey to make this a success. I would like to convey a special thanks to my godson Gautam ,who hS been a great help.