Why Is Jaggery Beneficial

Why Is Jaggery Beneficial

Sedentary lifestyle, sitting work, lockdown – all these have contributed an increase in various common ailments, diabetes being a major one of them. Buth then who does’nt have a sweet tooth! 

How do we balance the craving for sweets and health?

The solution, being recommended by all dieticians and our age ols Ayurveda is Jaggery i.e. Gur!

Shun white processed sugar and use the natural and organic jiggery, whether in its solid or powder form. Make it a regular ingredient in your food habits and you will feel the difference yourself.

What are the benefits of including Jaggery in your diet?

•    Jaggery  is digested and absorbed gradually and therefore there is a sustained release of energy for a much longer period. 

•    Jaggery effectively cleans the respiratory tracts, lungs, food pipe, stomach and It pulls out dust and unwanted particles from the body. For decades gur and chana are given to workers in highly polluting industries like cement manufacturing.

•    Jaggery activates the digestive enzymes and itself changes to acetic acid in the stomach. This speeds up digestion and also said to help in giving relief from constipation.

•    Jaggery is very rich in minerals, predominantly iron with traces of other mineral salts. It consists of moderate amount of calcium, phosphorous and zinc and therefore helps to purify the blood, prevent rheumatic afflictions and treat bile disorder. It is also helpful to cure jaundice.              
•     Jaggery is prepared without the use of chemicals in its processing. It is rich in important minerals like salts, magnesium which strengthens our nervous system and helps to relax our muscles.
•    It helps reduce the water retention in the body and eventually helps in controlling the body weight. 
•    It is a common antidote during the flu and fever season and helps in reducing the symptoms like cough and is said to improve immune system

Makhana – The Super Food

Makhana – The Super Food

Though being used in our country for centuries, Mahkana (Fox nuts) have shot into prominence in the recent years as a Super Food – A food beyond fasting.

Superfood makhana is rich in proteins and fibre and low in fat. 100 grams of makhana gives around 350 calories of energy.

Makhanas contain around 9.7 grams of proteins and 14.5 grams of fibre and are a very good source of calcium.

They also contain magnesium, potassium and phosphorus in a good amount.

Why this Superfood :

  1. Makhanas have really high protein content. This is why they make such an important part of fasting food because a handful can provide you with energy to last the entire day.
  2. Makhanas are great as an anti-ageing food as they have an abundance of anti-oxidants. A handful every day can keep you looking younger and making your skin glow. The anti-oxidants in Makahnas are said to play a role in reducing the risk of heart disease, cancer and chronic conditions like diabetes. 
  3. Makhanas are a great snack food for diabetics and heart patients as they contain good fat and have a low quantity of saturated fats. These properties make makhanas good weight-loss food. They are said to be beneficial for control of lipid levels and improve symptoms of fatty liver disease. 
  4. Fox nuts are high in fibre. The digestive process gets sorted with them as they prevent constipation and add bulk to the stool.
  5. Fox nuts are great detoxifying agents. They aid in flushing out toxins from the body. They are really beneficial to the spleen health and help the immune system.
  6. Fox nuts have a low glycemic index which means that they release glucose slowly in the blood. This keeps you feeling full for longer.
  7. Those suffering from wheat allergies can gorge on fox nuts as they are gluten-free but still high in protein and carbohydrate content.
  8. Fox nuts have a natural compound, kaempferol that reduces inflammation in the body. Inflammation is responsible for most modern diseases like diabetes, arthritis, rheumatism. Also, fox nuts have antibacterial properties.
  9. Apart from magnesium, potassium, and sodium, foxnuts also contain a high amount of calcium. This means they fall under the category of foods that are good for the bones as well as the teeth.
  10. Makhna is also high in thiamine content which means they help in aiding cognitive function as well.
  11. Fox nuts are naturally bestowed with astringent properties which means people with weak kidneys can easily snack on fox nuts. Fox nuts have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which help to reduce inflammation and the effects of oxidative stress.  
Maa Ki Panjiri

Maa Ki Panjiri

If we talk of sweet dishes enjoyed during winter season, there is nothing like the atta panjiri. Packed with the goodness of ghee, whole wheat, and loads of dry fruits. I remember my grandmother used to prepare it all through the winter season and we used to enjoy it with a glass of hot milk. 

The traditional dessert is not only loved for its taste but for health benefits too. Atta panjiri has multiple benefits for your overall health. 

Benefits Of Atta Panjiri .

1.    A lot of people suffer from joint pain and body ache during the winter season. Consuming panjiri helps prevent such pain because of the nutritious ghee and dry fruits present in them.

2.    If you are a new mother then panjiri is the best thing you can consume. It helps in postpartum healing. It is highly beneficial to consume because it helps in lactation by increasing the flow of breastmilk. 
3.    Panjiri also helps the new mother to fuel her body with calcium and energy.

4.    As the panjiri is loaded with ghee and the goodness of dry fruits, it helps keep your body healthy overall. Especially your bones, consuming panjiri helps strengthen your bones and muscles. 
5.    Also, during the winter season, we all need something warm. Atta panjiri keeps your body warm and energetic all day long.