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Our Jaggery in made form sugarcane sourced from organically farmed fields of Punjab. We ensure minimal processing to preserve the natural goodness of Gur, brought to you in its purest form.

Punjabi Panjiri

Wheat with the natural goodness of Punjab’s soil mixed with the best and freshest dry fruits , our Dry Fruits Panjiri is as pure and tasty as you remember the one made by your Dadi.

Dry Fruit Pinni

A staple of Punjab, especially during winters, made with the purest ghee, our Atta Pinni is full of minerals so necessary for your health. Apart from purity, taste is spell binding too.


Sourced directly from the roasters of Bihar, India, the fox nut is processed in our factory. Only the purest form of seasonings are added and thus is made the super “Super Food”

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Dry Fruit Jaggery

500 Gram (Pet Jar)

  • 600
  • 510

Coconut Jaggery

500 Gram (Pet Jar)

  • 480
  • 410

Punjabi Panjiri (Dry Fruits)

250 Gram (Pet Jar)

  • 350
  • 295

Cornflake Caramel

100 Gram (Pet Jar)

  • 70
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Fresh Sugarcane Orginal Jaggery
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100% Natural Jaggery Powder is a natural & chemical-free alternative to refined white sugar. It consists of antioxidants and minerals like zinc, iron & selenium that help detox the body, aid in digestion & boost immunity.

Jaggery, when included in your daily diet, is considered to be extremely beneficial for overall health. Our Jaggery Powder is made while maintaining the highest quality control standards to ensure the purity of all our products.

Various options of Jaggery that are available are - plain, dry fruit and coconut jaggery.

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